10 Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

1) You Were Love Bombed                        (1 of 10)

Love Bomb

1) You Were Love Bombed                        (1 of 10)


The first few weeks, sometimes even months, of dating a narcissist are pure bliss. You may feel as if you have finally met your soulmate, and things between the two of you will be absolutely amazing.

Your narcissist partner will typically shower you with excessive displays of physical affection, compliment you frequently, and buy you expensive gifts. You may find yourself telling friends and family that you’ve never been treated so well by a significant other before.

This extreme period of devotion and infatuation is known as love bombing. A narcissist love bombs you to draw you into a web of deception before revealing his or her true colors. When things first get bad in the relationship, you may find yourself making excuses for your partner and reminiscing about the love bombing stage.

If you stick around after the love bombing, you’ll probably experience the next 9 signs commonly associated with dating a narcissist. Keep reading to figure out if you’re involved with a narcissistic partner.


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