10 Types Of Girls College Freshmen Shouldn’t Date

1) The High School Sweetheart                                                  (1 of 10)


1) The High School Sweetheart                                                  (1 of 10)

How you two meet: In the 2nd period of study hall during your sophomore year


If you’re still with your high school sweetheart, good for you. However, if you had a dramatic, over-the-top breakup, then you should really knuckle down and don’t try to get back with her. You’ll soon realize that college isn’t what you thought it would be like, and you may be stuck in a room with a nerd.

When the disappointment of freshman year starts coming around, you will find yourself double-tapping the Instagram feed of your ex and start texting her Drake lyrics. This is where you have to stay strong, because girls can smell pathetic, and desperation like animals can smell fear. In the best case scenario you’ll likely stir up something that was rightfully over, and worst scenario, you end up with a restraining order before you got out of your teenage years.



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