New Video Software Allows You To Create HILARIOUS Videos Of Trump and Clinton


A new software company called Clip Ninja allows you to create create hilarious videos of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for free.  It is simply hilarious.  Users can type in key phrases and select from tons of keywords and string hilarious sentences together based on the keywords they select.  From our knowledge, the concept seems to be based on taking tons of video clips and fusing the clips together via the software, based on what keywords a user types in and selects. 

How it works:

1) Go to

2) You select Trump or Clinton

3) Type in a word and select it form the drop down (then keep selecting words you want to string together and have them say).  Make sure you get creative with your word selection.

4) Us the the period button to create pauses between sentences or as punctuation.

5) Select a title and a thumbnail image and you’re done!


Here is the simple tutorial video on the home page:



Here is a link to the video it created:


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