The 7 Cheapest Places For Vacationing In The United States

1) Chicago                                                         (1 of 7)


1) Chicago                                                         (1 of 7)


Chicago is one of the liveliest cities in America, which is the reason why you should consider it as your next holiday destination. The best part about Chicago is that every area of this city is happening, and if you will go there during the summers, you would see that there are a number of different activities that you can enjoy. Did you know that here are more than 30 different concerts in the city? And the tickets start from only $15? This means that you will stay within budget. Check out the Wrigley Field and spend your time eating Chicago style food. Furthermore, do try out the Chicago style hot dogs and deep pan pizza, or go eat ethnic food that includes Indian, Chinese, and Mexican. The hotels in the city are cheap and some of them start from as low as $50 per night.


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