10 Celebs in Awesome Christmas Sweaters


1) Justin Bieber                                (1 of 10)


1) Justin Bieber                                     (1 of 10)



How friggin’ adorable is Justin Bieber in this Christmas sweater? Most guys couldn’t pull off a button-down wool sweater with cream sleeves, white polka dots, and a bold red center, but Bieber totally rocks this old-fashioned holiday sweater as he performs.

His collar is popped, and a few buttons are left open at the top and bottom of his festive sweater. Bieber completes the look with spotless white high-top sneakers, dark denim skinny jeans, and a perfectly coiffed ‘do.

Justin, we hope we never let you down, because we’d hate for you to tell us that it’s too late to say sorry now.


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