Celebrities With Bipolar Disorder: Proof That Mental Illness Affects Famous People, Too


1) Demi Lovato (1 of 10)

Demi Lovato

1) Demi Lovato


In 2011, pop star Demi Lovato publicly admitted she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder during a visit to a mental illness rehabilitation center. She was shocked to learn she was bipolar, as she went to rehab with the intention of receiving treatment for depression, self harm, and an eating disorder.

Lovato regularly discusses her mental illness with the media because she wants to raise awareness about common conditions that still have somewhat of a stigma attached to them. She says her bipolar treatment is going well, stating that “You can make the highs as amazing as possible, and you can control how low the lows go.”

Demi Lovato is just one of many bipolar celebrities. Keep reading to learn about 9 other famous people with bipolar disorder.


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