Celebrities Who Had To File For Bankruptcy


1) Pamela Anderson Bankruptcy (1 of 10)

1) Pamela Anderson Bankruptcy 


Former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson filed bankruptcy back in 2009. A construction company was working on her luxurious mansion, and she couldn’t come up with the $800,000 she owed them. The mother of two filed bankruptcy so she could keep her home.

Pamela Anderson seems to have regained control of her finances since the bankruptcy proceedings. Unfortunately, she is dealing with plenty of legal drama from her recent divorce. Anderson has a restraining order against Rick Salomon, her ex husband, and she has reportedly declined spousal support because she just wants him to go away.

We hear Salomon gave Anderson a hefty gift of $1 million in exchange for the divorce, but that could just be a rumor. If it’s true, we’re guessing she’ll never need a bankruptcy attorney again.


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