10 Celebrities With Unexpected Hobbies

1) Bob Barker Loves Karate                                       (1 of 10)


1) Bob Barker Loves Karate                                       (1 of 10)


Most people know Bob Barker as the legendary host of the game show The Price is Right. What many do not know is that the host is also an avid karate fan.

Even though Barker has retired from hosting, he has never retired from carrying out his favorite hobby. The 92 year old is not afraid to bust a few karate moves here and there.

In fact, he has starred in movies and TV shows, exhibiting his killer karate moves that he has learned over the course of his life. Where did he receive his karate training, you ask?

From none other than Chuck Norris who even broke Barker’s ribs during training on accident.


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