8 Celebrities Who Were A Bully On Set


1) Bill Murray Bullied Lucy Liu                                                       (1 of 8)


1) Bill Murray Bullied Lucy Liu                                                       (1 of 8)



Would you believe it if we said that comedian Bill Murray bullied Lucy Liu from Charlie’s Angels? In the movie, he played John Bosely’s loyal assistant and the Angels’ loyal friend.

The cast included Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and of course, Lucy Liu. For some reason, Bill did not like Lucy, something that he did not hide on the set.

In one of the movie’s scenes, he insulted her, which led her to retaliate. She tried to punch the daylights out of the actor, but had to be held back by the cast and crew.

It was later said that Bill did not think Lucy had the acting chops to star on the big screen and did not understand the reason that she was even cast for the part.

This was not the first intense argument between the two, but it was the first one to result in blows. For this reason, he was replaced in the third movie.


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