7 Best Things About March Madness

1) Awesome Nicknames                                                            (1 of 7)

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets

1) Awesome Nicknames                                                            (1 of 7)


College Basketball has provided us with some very entertaining player nicknames that we will ever come across. Basketball has a beautiful tradition of nicknames. From Shaq, to Chef Curry to A, Basketball has a very rich culture in nicknames.

Talking about players of March Madness, there is Anthony “Cat” Barber of NC State, probably known as cat for his agile moves. Cat was the nickname given to him by his sister because Barber used to run around the house a lot. There is Dayshon “Scoochie” from Dayton, called “Scoochie” by his grandfather. Then there is Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell of Indiana who was called Yogi by his mother for his love for food. He has the best assist average in the NCAA. There is Lourawls “Tum Tum” Nairn Jr. of Michigan State, who got his name from a character from the movie, 3 Ninjas. Other nicknames include, Four, Bear, Tookie, Pookie and Yaya.


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