10 Reasons Bernie Sanders Could Catch Up To Trump

1) They Capitalize On Similar Emotions                                (1 of 10)


1) They Capitalize On Similar Emotions                                (1 of 10)


In the 2016 elections season, there are no two men more unlike each other than Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. They share no personality traits or policy proposals with each other. Yet,              despite of the profundity of the differences between these candidates, they both do share some striking similarities. And although Sanders is lagging behind, he may successfully be able to use these similarities to his own advantage and actually catch up to Trump.

One of the leading reasons why Sanders could catch up to Trump is that both leaders appeal to similar emotions of the voters. These include the frustration of the voters over the economic situation, a popular reaction to the elitist “professional” politicians, and a demand to see radical change in Washington.



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