The Barbies You Wish You Still Had



Most kids would agree their first obsession in life has to do with a certain toy. No matter what it is, when you’re a kid and love it – you freaking cannot get enough of it. Some eventually grow out of it, but then there are the few that stay with it forever and take their love of playtime and transform it into a world of collecting. That’s why and how Barbie has managed to remain such an iconic figure all these years later.

People young and old collect the hell out of these things. In fact, Mattel the company that pushes these addictive dolls believes there are some 100,000 people on earth who collect these dolls, and Bettina Dorfmann just happens to be the best. Last count (the one that landed her in the Guinness Book of World Records) she had 15,000 dolls in her Germany home, but does she have these expensive Barbies that have cost some collectors hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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