19 Actors Who Drink While Filming


1) Shia LeBeouf In ‘Lawless’ (1 of 19)

Shia LeBeouf In 'Lawless'

1) Shia LeBeouf In ‘Lawless’ (1 of 19)


The latest excursions of the Transformers star, Shia LeBeouf are no surprise to all of us. The ‘Do it’ motivational speech had the internet flared up and since then, many of his motivational speeches have appeared. But the internet came later on, the big screen was his platform back in 2012.

During the shooting of his 2012 movie ‘Lawless’, Shia LeBeouf played one of the three brothers who are involved in a violent dispute.

Rumors are that LeBeouf had too many a drinks to get in character for his role as Jack Bondurant. His excessive drinking led him to behave aggressively towards his costars. Apparently Mia Wasikowska got tired of the actor’s antics and even tried to leave the film.



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