14 Beautiful Celebs That You’d Take a 2nd Mortgage To Go Out With For a Night


1) We Would Take a Second Mortgage for a Night Out with Jessica Alba —– (1 of 14)


Jessica Alba


Is she Asian? Is she Latino? Is she white? Do we really care? The answer is no, because we would take a second (or third) mortgage on our home just to take Jessica Alba to dinner and show her how cool we are.

Look, most gorgeous female celebrities aren’t going to give you the time of day until there’s a seriously spectacular gesture involved. And what could be more over-the-top than taking out a second mortgage on your property — just for the chance to be in the position to get with these beautiful hot women.

We can sort out the details later, but for now, let’s just call these amazing celebs the women we’d refinance for in exchange for one single night alone in heaven.


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