10 Things That Don’t Belong on Your Online Dating Profile

1) Pictures of Your Ex                                                      (1 of 10)


1) Pictures of Your Ex                                                      (1 of 10)


You can’t create a future with someone new when you’re still hung up on the past, so there’s absolutely no reason your online dating profile should contain photos of your ex. It doesn’t matter if the two of you are still friends, because potential dates might assume “still friends” actually means “friends with benefits.”

Don’t bother cropping your ex out of your online dating profile pictures. Delete the pictures and take new ones where you’re the only guy or gal in the photo.

Also, don’t post pics of your ex as a warning of what other daters should avoid. We think it’s pretty crazy to do that, yet we’ve still seen numerous profiles with pictures of exes accompanied by captions like “Here’s the jerk who broke my heart.”

Even if you’re no longer hung up on your ex, you might be making other mistakes on your online dating profile. Read on to learn about 9 other things that have no place in your dating description.


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