10 of the Best Work From Home Jobs

1) Writer                                                    (1 of 10)

1) Writer                                                    (1 of 10)


Do you have a decent grasp of common grammatical rules and enjoy sharing your ideas and opinions? A work at home job as a writer might be an excellent option for you. The average writer earns $47,756 per year, and the best writers earn more than $78,000 annually.

Before you can apply for online writing jobs, you have to figure out what kind of work at home writer you plan to become. You can become a content writer who publishes articles on websites, or you can create blogs, compose marketing copy, or write books. Writers also draft newsletters, write product descriptions, and create promotional emails.

You don’t need a creative writing college degree to become a writer, nor do you have to major in English or Fine Arts at a reputable college. College courses help you hone your writing skills, yes…but you can become a work from home writer with no formal training from an accredited writing university.


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