10 Hassle-Free Ways to Save Money on Groceries


1) Download Rebate Apps                (1 of 10)

Rebate App

1) Download Rebate Apps                    (1 of 10)



Gone are the days of filling out thick piles of paperwork and waiting 6 to 8 weeks for the mailman to bring you a check for a few bucks. There are tons of rebate apps for smartphones and tablets that let you save money on groceries, and some of them send instant payments via PayPal.

You can use shopping rebate apps to get cash back on groceries, shampoo, soap, paper towels, and clothing. Some rebate apps even offer grocery savings on fresh produce, restaurant meals, and movie tickets.

The best rebate apps for smartphones include Ibotta, Snap, Checkout 51, and Shopmium. You can get rebates for groceries regardless of whether you pay with cash, credit, debit, or food stamps.


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